Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Weather Than Got in the Way

So, (I'm using names for my family now because not doing so felt awkward and made writing difficult) Dave and I were supposed to go for a (C25K) run today. But, last night all the news could talk about was the freezing rain that was coming and how terrible it was going to be. I canceled a drive to Rochester today for work because I didn't want to deal with it. Then? I woke up around 6 and heard birds chirping. I don't think it started raining until a few minutes ago (it's almost 7 now) so we totally could've gone. I am not pleased. We won't be able to go tonight, either, because Meghan has a chorus concert. This will apparently be a forced day off.

My arms are actually sore from yoga yesterday. I knew I was in trouble when the instructor said (after saying good morning), "You guys are quiet today. I guess you probably want things a little easier and quiet? Not going to happen." I've never known yoga to be as difficult as it was yesterday. That's probably better, though, because I was a miserable, PMSy mess the rest of the day and it most likely would've been worse if I hadn't gotten a good work out in.

The mood I was in yesterday was so bad that I ate nachos for lunch and had a frozen cappuccino in the afternoon. Sometime during the drink I received a motivational email from my nutritionist and I ended up throwing the drink away a little more than halfway through. I'll consider that a victory, even though I probably consumed a week's worth of calories and fat. I will say that my lunch filled me more than it would've a few months ago and that all I ate last night was a piece of leftover Italian sausage before taking Meghan and Amelia to their respective activities; I had no other dinner.

Thursday means an 8am department meeting. I guess I won't get my normal scrambled eggs with veggies from the work cafeteria because, at this point, I don't think I'll get there in time. Sadness.

What do you eat when you're hormonal? Does working out help?