Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bad at New Blogging

I had a blog several years ago that I kept up for a few years. It was based loosely on recipes, although I definitely spent time just rambling. This current blog rolled around in my brain for quite a while before I started it. The problem I'm having now is that many blogs have a lot of pictures. I admit that the ones I love are picture-heavy. So, why can't I get it together???

We had pizza for dinner because I was in the mood and the place near our daughter's swim team practice has a gluten free crust available. I ordered spinach, onion and bacon on top - so good!!! I had every intention of taking a pic or two before eating, but I was so hungry I didn't think about it until I was eating the last couple of bites. (It's essentially personal-sized.) This is a sad situation.

I am trying something that many blogs do: writing the night before. We're planning to go for a very early run tomorrow morning and then I have to leave for work. (I'm heading to Rochester for the day.) It makes much more sense to get this in now than stress myself out writing something short in the morning. I even got my husband to fill my gas tank on the way home from swim so I don't have to worry about that in the morning, either. It's perfect!

I have to say that yoga this morning did a great job stretching me out. I'm definitely ready for a a quick run in the morning to get the blood flowing. Tonight, though? Tonight. I'm watching TV with my husband and sipping vodka. Life. Is. Good.