Monday, April 8, 2013

Back At It

Our weekend trip was awesome. We ate, drank and played and stayed up too late. In other words, it was all the things a weekend getaway should be.

I didn't plan well AT ALL for the drive home yesterday and didn't have very much food I could eat. I also didn't think through where dinnner would be. (We left much later than expected because we went for an incredible lunch at Han Dynasty - link to come when I'm not posting from my phone. So. Good. You must eat there when in the Philadelphia area.) Because we're typically back home by dinner time for road trips, I never thought about stopping. We ended up stopping at McDonald's because there just wasn't time for anything else. Ugh! I went online and found out I could eat a burger without a bun and the french fries with a relatively low fear of being glutened. (It certainly wasn't healthy, though!)  Even though I managed to get through the drive, I feel gross for eating that. So, this morning I got back at it: sunrise yoga.

It was a great class today! Lots of really good stretching and some ab work thrown in. We has a substitute teacher today and I really liked her.

I have just enough time for a little coffee before waking the kids up for their first day back after spring break. Getting back to a routine is so hard after a break!

Have a great Monday!