Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Stop Eating When Something Tastes Good

I actually have no expertise with the title of this post. There have been many-a-meal that I've eaten well past being full because I didn't want the experience to end. Tonight we had Wegman's gluten free spaghetti with Italian sausage and red sauce. It was delicious. I had one serving and was pretty full. I knew I should stop eating, so I did. I even talked to my kids about not eating any more because I wasn't hungry. After dinner I had to get some work done, so I cleared the table and got my computer out. While it was turning on...I grabbed half a sausage and inhaled it. I guess it's a good thing that's all I took.

It appears the title of this post should be asking for help in not eating when something tastes good.

I'm actually not as bad as I'm leading you to believe. I'm using to track my food consumption and it has really been helping. I've also been meeting with a nutritionist every three weeks to help keep my on track and to answer any questions I have. I just get frustrated sometimes when I feel like I have no control.

The (hopeful) schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:
Wednesday Yoga
Thursday C25K with husband, with possible additional mile if there's time
Friday 5K
Saturday Spin
Sunday rest

Do you have trouble putting the fork down when something tastes good? Do you have any advice for this?