Friday, April 12, 2013

I've Got Nothin'

The weather is still terrible. So, there was no outdoor run for me today. I also got home very late from a meeting last night, so I didn't feel like dragging myself to the gym today. :-( I guess I have one more forced day off. (I'm having some people over tonight, so I'll be drinking wine and not working out. I'm actually somewhat upset by this, although I imagine I won't be as I'm actually doing it.)

Also? Something is wrong with our heat. David is going to try and fix it. But, in the meantime, it's cold. Not terrible, but not as warm as one would like in the morning.

I think I'll try to focus on some good things. First, I successfully made coffee with the reusable pod thing for our Keurig. I wasn't sure I'd remember, but I did it. Phew! No one wants to deal with me if I haven't had my coffee. Second, it's Friday. This has felt like a very long week, but we made it! Third, I finished a project at work that was hanging over me; I feel so much better.

Ok, I think that's better. Here's my revised workout schedule:

Saturday spin
Sunday 5k
Monday Yoga
Tuesday C25K
Wednesday Yoga
Thursday C25K
Friday 5k

Have a great day everyone!