Monday, April 22, 2013

That Time I Had a Non-Race PR

I was out way too late last night, having a great time with a friend. We worked on baby shower stuff, drank wine, ate dinner and laughed. Then, just as we thought the night was winding down, friends of hers got engaged and we ended up going out to meet them - at 11:15. I crawled into bed at 1:30! I was pretty tired today.

We made it to Sunday School and church. All I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed. It was cold here today, which made snuggling in for a nap sounded even more appealing. But, Brett had a baseball game (first travel game of the season!) and he needed to be there at 3:15. I didn't have time for a run and a nap. I groaned and moaned and finally got ready to go.

I convinced myself that I only had to do two miles. I figured even two would be a decent workout and was better than nothing. Somewhere around mile one I decided that I should just do a 5k. My first mile was 11:22, which surprised me. I felt pretty good, maybe a bit winded, and actually ended up 11:23 for the second mile. At that point, I was getting pretty tired. I walked a house at one point and then ended up walking a house again after a quarter mile. I figured my third mile was going to be pretty slow. Then, when my watch finally beeped, it said 11:19. 11:19! I ended up finishing the 5k at 35:14!!!! I actually ended up beating my 36 minute goal, which I was working to complete in June.

Brett ended up winning his game, too. I still haven't been to the grocery store, so we ate dinner at a local Chinese buffet to celebrate his win and my run. It was really a great day. But, it also meant that the dishes didn't get done and there's still laundry left. But, we had great times with family and friends and I am beyond thrilled with my run.

How was your weekend run? Anyone else wish we had just one more day?