Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Morning Run

I never made it to pilates last night, which had been the plan. Seriously - working out would be much easier for me if I didn't have three kids ;-) (Ok, I'm sure I would just come up with other excuses. But, they're just so easy to use!)

Anyway, no pilates. Husband mentioned that he wanted to do his third C25K of the week before work this morning because we'll be away this weekend. It sounded like a great idea and I was totally on board...until his alarm went off this morning. I have to tell you, 5:00am is pretty early. Also? It's below 30 degrees.

We managed to get his day 3 run in. I totally should've kept going, but I didn't. He insists I shouldn't worry about it, but I know I could've done more. I guess I really do have consistency issues. I do fine as long as I follow my routine, but as soon as something changes (like the kids being on spring break or a late meeting), then I lose my mojo.

Oh well. I can't worry about it. I'll shoot to do one more run tomorrow morning before we go. Hopefully I'll make it!