Friday, April 5, 2013

Early Morning Run, 2

I had decided yesterday that running 3.1 miles this morning would be a good thing to do. My husband decided that he would go out, also, although he would do the next scheduled day in C25K. I was undecided as to whether I would run outdoors or go to the gym and figured it would be a game time decision.

Husband's alarm went off at 5. I was not pleased. He immediately got out of bed and went downstairs. I heard him letting the dogs out, but then it got awfully quiet. I stayed in bed, wondering if I really wanted to go running or not. It was cozy in bed and I went for a (short) run yesterday, so it's not like I needed to go. I argued with myself for a while. (This went on for almost 30 minutes. I apparently like to talk to myself.) Actually getting up won, though, because I know I won't do anything until Monday because we're going to Philly for the weekend!  I have to work a half day today and then we're heading out.

Anyway, I got up. I got dressed. I found my husband asleep on a couch downstairs. He mumbled something about not going today and I rolled my eyes. After grabbing my watch and ear warmers (it's still in the 30s - although it felt great today!) and headed out the door. (I decided to go sans music today - I think it was a good decision!)

I decided to do a warm up walk until my watch found a signal. I ended up not looking at my watch AT ALL until it  beeped for 3 miles and then I only watched to stop right at 3.1 (because God Forbid I do more than that).

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!

I did it in 36:11! That's only 11 seconds from my goal! And, it's faster than the 5k I did on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago. I AM SO EXCITED!!! My splits were:


I'm definitely glad that I got up now :-)

Off to do a half day of work - have a great Friday!