Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Nice Run

Dave and I ended up sleeping way too long to get a run in Tuesday morning. (It's inhumane that too late is 5:15am. But, whatever.) He said we'd go in the evening, which sounded like a great the time. It turns out, though, that getting up that early and not running meant that I would be essentially asleep all freakin' day. It was great!

Anyway, after work and dinner (crockpot sloppy joes! I took a picture, but it was awful. You'll have to take my word for it - they were delish!), we took Meghan to swim practice. We got home close to 8 and I literally ran up to my bed to snuggle in. Apparently Dave remembered that we needed to get a run in, though, and started getting ready. He said I didn't have to go, but I knew that meant I really did.

Once we got out there, I was glad we did it. I know a lot of people went on various runs for Boston and I was glad that, even though this wasn't a declared memorial run or anything, I had some time to reflect and make sure that I contributed to runners get back out there. After we finished the C25K portion, Dave cooled down and I got another mile in. It wasn't fast and it certainly wasn't long, but I did it.

There's a Solidarity Run on Sunday here in Buffalo at 9am. I really want to go, but have my daughter and I have a meeting about a mission trip we're going on next February to Belize. It's crazy that I: 1. have multiple places I could be that early on a weekend; and 2. am going to Belize! Amelia really wants to do this trip and she needs an adult to go with her. We've never done anything like it.

Between work and dinner yesterday, I made muffins. The kids are going through NYS testing this week (let's not even get started on that) and Meghan said they needed a hearty breakfast. They are typically frozen waffle eaters. However, yesterday I made them egg sandwiches and tomorrow I'm making them smoothies (with fruit, PB, chocolate soy milk and spinach). Today, they're eating muffins. I got the recipe here.

Horrible cell picture with glare from window
We each tried one last night and they're So. Good. Meghan liked them. Amelia said they were ok. Brett said he liked them, but he didn't like all of the oats on top. (I think I can chop them finer, though, so he'd like them more.) They're definitely hearty and I think will get the kids through testing and me through the morning at work. I also think they'd be great to munch on after a long run or something.

Keep running!