Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Morning After

I had some girls over last night for a jewelry party. What we really did was eat, drink wine and make it hard for the jewelry lady to do her job. We had some great (not very healthy) snacks, including gluten free crackers with a cheesy onion dip - the surprise hit of the night! We also had chip, salsa and guacamole from Moes. And, no party is complete without a mixture of peanut and almond M&Ms. It's a good thing I didn't eat dinner beforehand!

Bad phone pic of our snacks
The last guest didn't leave until well after midnight. So, you may have guessed...I didn't go to spin this morning. Seriously - I need a kick in the butt! Dave and I ARE going for a run this afternoon and I'm doing another one tomorrow. I can't go now because he's at baseball practice with Brett. Then, he has coaches meeting and then Meghan has softball practice. It's going to be a full day!

I'm making a gluten free banana bread right now. Bananas don't often make it long enough to become banana bread in our house, but when they do...yum! I've never used this recipe before, but figured a cake mix can't be bad, right? I'll try to remember to post a picture and a review. I can't wait!

Dinner will be a variation of this, a cornbread/taco/cheesy casserole kind of thing. My father-in-law is a butcher and gets ground beef at a very good price. So, every now and again I buy 10 pounds (it comes in bulk). I got some the other day and immediately thought of this recipe. The whole family loves it and it's gluten free! Win-win. Again, I will try to post pictures. In fact, perhaps this can be a two-post Saturday with an evening recap, including discussion of my run, along with pics of banana bread and dinner.

Have a great day everyone!