Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Spin

I'm trying spin again today. I'm actually excited! I hope it's a little easier this time, but I know it will be a good workout either way. (Today I'm wearing Capri workout pants, a dry fit shirt and my Brooks PureFlow IIs.) Then, I'm off to pick up the middle one from a sleepover...and have a mimosa or two with a good friend!! (Best Saturday ever!!!!)

I did end up getting a run in yesterday. Husband started C25K and asked me to do it with him. He has never liked running but desperately wants/needs to get into shape. I agreed and figured I could use it as some speed work; I have way more endurance right now, but he is much faster. Day 1 ended up taking us about 1.5 miles. He went home at the end and I went on to do the rest of the 5K. I intended to just take it easy and not worry about speed and had a nice run. So, I was shocked to see that I did my third mile at 11:25...that's really fast for me. Maybe this cross training thing is working?

I don't believe I'll get a run in tomorrow since it's Easter, but hopefully I can get some yoga in and a run on Monday.

Happy Saturday! I hope you can enjoy some fun/drinks with your friends, too!