Saturday, March 23, 2013

Small Victories and a New Goal

My workout plan this week didn't end up working. I did pilates on Wednesday and really wanted to get a run in on Thursday. But, I had a meeting that I knew would go very late on Thursday night and thought it wouldn't be wise to get up too early that morning. Then, because I was up so late, I couldn't myself out of bed on Friday. I intended to run after work yesterday, but we were invited to spend the evening with friends and that sounded more fun! (And it really, really was!)

Saturday morning arrived with a slight chardonnay-induced headache. 8:45 spin? It didn't happen. I sat with my coffee, thinking about running and also thinking that the gym didn't sound even remotely appealing. The 29 degree weather didn't really sound nice for an outdoor run, either, but I knew something had to happen. I would've been pretty annoyed with myself if I hadn't done anything. I talked myself into bundling up in my cold running gear and heading out the door. And, guess what?!?!?!?! My first mile was 11:40 and my second was 12:02 - and that was with stopping for three cars to pass!). Woo hoo!

(I meant to take a picture of what I wear when I run in the cold, but I got distracted by my neighbors and I forgot. I'll try to remember for next time!)

I'm so pleased that I managed to get going this morning and I'm beyond thrilled that I'm managing to get faster. Remember, it's all about personal victories. There are certainly bazillions of people in the world who are faster than me. But, I went faster today than I have in the past and that's what matters. Those bazillions of people don't care how fast - or slow - I run.

Even though I already planned out my races for the year, my great run this morning made me decide that I need to shoot for a 36 minute 5K in the spring. My husband mentioned an evening race that happens in our neighborhood in June - I think that will be it! It was a really hot one last year, though, so I'll need to be careful with that. However - it's a goal and I'm in!!!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Get your exercise in and then do something with your family and friends :-)