Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spinning Away

A friend of mine recently convinced me to try spinning. There were many months (years?) that I thought it was a terrible idea. However, she caught me in a weak moment and I agreed.

I spent the few days leading up to my first class alternating between insane nervousness and complete terror. I HATE BIKES. I've actually never owned a new bicycle of my own. Growing up, I used my sisters old bikes until I realized I prefer to walk. Now I was putting myself into the position of willingly climbing a bike for exercise - not even for the ultimate prize of an ice cream cone!

The biggest reason I agreed to try spinning is because I've heard that cross-training is a big deal. Apparently I can become a better runner if I try other types of cardio. Since I finished my half in OVER THREE HOURS, it stands to reason I could use some improvement.

In order to try the class I had to register as a guest at a local gym. I arrived early, filled out my form and waited outside the spinning room for my friend to finish her early strength/cardio class (because she's slightly crazy and was doing two class in one day!). She had saved us two bikes in the back so I didn't have to worry about not finding one or feeling stupid walking into the room for the first time. (That was a total relief because I'm pretty insecure about things like being an adult and walking into a room.)

The instructor was really cool and helped me get fitted on my bike. (This is important - the first class anyone takes should have an instructor who helps newbies get situated.) She assured me I wouldn't fall off, even though I assured her I would. She ended up being right.

My first class was 45 minutes long. I rode (spun?) next to my friend, with my legs going the whole time. The music played (I actually really liked the music she chose - it wasn't all rap/hip/current), the people sweat and everyone moved up and down. I occasionally attempted to stand and sit when everyone else was, but I didn't always succeed. But, I swear, I NEVER STOPPED CYCLING. I felt self-conscious when my belly seemed to stick out. I was embarrassed that I was very rarely in sync with anyone else. I also know that no one was actually looking at me.

I left the class and joined the gym. I have every intention of going to spin again next Saturday. I figure I have to do better than I did last week. And? My friend will be out of town, so I'm going alone. Can any of you join me?

My legs felt ok later that day. My legs felt ok earlier today, too, until I ran two miles at a 12:00 minute per mile pace. Now my legs are mad at me and yell every time I go down stairs or try to stand up from a sitting position...like a toilet. I think I'm trying pilates tomorrow to give them a break.

Here's what I wore to my first spinning class: my running sneakers (Brooks PureFlowIIs), spandex shorts (at least 10 years old) and a t-shirt. I also wore a sparkly head band that I bought at the Princess race expo. I love that headband with my whole self.

Stay tuned for more spinning adventures!