Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Core is Weak

When I say that my core is weak, what I really mean is that it's non-existent. Is it possible for me to be functioning with no abs? I'm pretty sure I have been.

Ok. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. But the lady outsides of the pilates room who told me that it wasn't hard IS A LIAR. It was hard. Like, I'm pretty sure getting out of bed tomorrow will be a huge accomplishment. I hope my husband is prepared to carry me to work.

In all seriousness, the class wasn't terrible. I didn't bring a mat with me, so had to use a gym mat. (If you're considering a class, make sure mats are available if you don't own one.) The teacher, Shannon, dimmed the lights as we were putting our mats down and removing our shoes. She put very mellow music on and then asked if there were any new people. I was the only one! She told me to keep up the best I could and not to worry if I wasn't doing everything because no one actually does. (That may b a lie, but I'm choosing to believe it.)

For 60 minutes, we rolled, stretched, crunched and all kinds of other things like that. Our legs kicked and swayed, our arms waved and bent. We took a lot of deep breaths. If I didn't know how sore I would be, it would've been relaxing.

My one rookie mistake was my clothing. I didn't realize that my pants would seems so low and that my shirt would ride up. I was incredibly self-conscious while I was rolling around that I was mooning everyone behind me.

I believe I'll take another class. If I can get into the habit of once a week, that will be good. This one was in the evening, so I just made dinner for everyone and set mine aside until I got back home.

I really hope that all of this ridiculousness is helping!!