Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Race Schedule

So far in 2013, I plan to run the following:

The Color Run (5k with my daughter and some friends), August
Mighty Niagara Half Marathon (with a friend), September
Turkey Trot (8k, November)

You may notice that my first run isn't until August and I'm good with it, although I'm not positive I won't do anything before that. But, for now, I need to focus on getting faster. It's not that I'm particularly worried about being speedy, but I know that to improve I need to be faster and stop taking as many walk breaks. So, my goal is to run a consistent 12 minute mile. (I'd say that right now I span between 12:30 and 14.) My last run was a treadmill run set for 2 miles at 12. It was hard, but I did it. The one before that was outside and I averaged 12:06. (My first mile - courtesy of my pink Forerunner 10 - was 12:17 and my second mile was 11:54.)

I'm going to be helping to organize a run to help a school in Haiti. (Info on that to come as I have it.) So, that race will definitely be added to my list. Otherwise, I'm content with it as it stands. My plan to work on my speed and work on my cross-training. My husband and daughter will be doing C25K, so I know I'll be running with them. I have more endurance than both of them, but they're definitely faster. I think I'll be able to count those workouts as speed work.

What's on your race schedule? Do you do speed work?