Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Stretching

I can't make it to pilates on Wednesday night because I have a meeting. So, I tried sunrise yoga at the gym this morning. I was pretty excited about it; I've always loved yoga and know that stretching is very important if I'm going to become a better runner. My big concern was timing. The class is from 6:05a - 6:50a. I need to be home and ready for work by 7:30 in time to wake the kids up for school and be at work by 8. I wasn't entirely sure I could make it happen. But, you never know unless you try, right?

I made it to the gym just before 6 and waited in my car until they unlocked the doors. There were quite a few people waiting to work out, but I'd say that there were not even 10 in my class. It was a nice, small group. I was a little nervous going into this, because my only yoga experience has been using Wii Fit or doing home DVDs/videos. However, it all worked out. The teacher was easy to understand and I was able to keep up. I was able to do a little more on some poses and never felt silly if I had to hold back on others. There was definitely many different levels of yoga practice in there. I definitely think I'll try to make the Wednesday class, too.

I didn't want to make the same clothing mistake I made at pilates (wearing pants that sit too low and a shirt that rides up too much). Instead, I wore stretchy capris and a longish warm-up jacket. I was hoping that I wouldn't get too hot and it ended up working out just fine.

The nice thing about working out in the morning is that I don't have to worry about it after work. The husband has his baseball team draft tonight, so I need to take middle child to swimming. My evening will go much more smoothly without having to fit a workout in. (We're getting ready for youngest child's First Communion - taking place on Thursday - also, which means major house cleaning needs to happen at night. I'm excited for the Communion, but not so much about the cleaning.)

When do you prefer to workout?