Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Husband Ran Instead

Huh. If I don't run soon, there will be no point in my having a blog with running in the title. I worked a few minutes late tonight and then came home and got sucked into a TV show one of the kids was watching. (No, I won't tell you what it was because then you'd know that I watch Nickelodeon and Disney.) We turned it off and I started making dinner. My husband had a softball game and wasn't coming home for dinner, so there was no running instead of cooking.

After dinner I helped my son with homework, cleaned up, helped my daughter with her hair, did reading time with the kids and it was all of the sudden 9pm...way too late to run 12 miles. I also had some freelance work that I really needed to do. I sat down with my laptop and my husband went for a run.

I have a video editing class today for work and it's over an hour away. I'm really hoping that I get home in time to eat a quick dinner (breakfast casserole in the crockpot!) and then run in the evening. Oldest daughter has art lessons, but I think husband can handle that. I need to get this run in before it's really time to taper and do light runs before the half.

So, hold me accountable, ok? Let's talk about how the run went in my next post instead of talking about why I didn't run. Again.