Monday, September 9, 2013

Crazy Weekend With No Run

I recently read a tweet that talked about how everyone is busy and it's really annoying to have to read or listen to someone complain about their particular brand of business. I kind of agree with this statement, as those conversations tend to turn into people one-upping each other instead of listening with compassion and empathy. In light of that, I won't really go into why this weekend was so busy but I will say that it was busy to the point that I didn't run. I'll also admit that there were a couple of missed opportunities due to some poor decisions on my part. My plan, though, is to run after dinner and just run up and down my street, treating it like a track workout.

Some of my weekend did involve rest, which was lovely. Because I needed to do 12 miles, I decided not to run at all when I had the chance on Saturday. I figured that if I couldn't do 12, I shouldn't do any at all. (Flawed logic for sure.) Instead I drank a vodka tea, ate jalapeno chips and read. I don't recall where my children were, but my husband was watching football (this will be the norm for the next 3-4 months) so no one even spoke to me. It was heaven.

My half marathon is approaching on the 21st, so I certainly can't afford to ignore running altogether. I'm going to forgive myself for allowing my schedule to interfere with a planned run, though. If I make it to much of a chore and force it in where it really doesn't fit, then I think I'll resent it and that won't do at all. But acknowledging that this weekend was going to be tough, I let it go and figured out how I could do it this week. Will it be a lot to do 12 miles on a work/school evening? Sure. Will it be better than cramming it into a ridiculously scheduled weekend? Definitely.

Did you get any runs in this weekend? What else did you do?